Warehousing & Distribution


We handle specific customer business by, tracking, monitoring, moving, managing and reporting cases, cartons, pallets and loads.

We provide transloading, packaging, kitting, distribution, fulfillment and a full menu of value-added logistics services for our customers, such as palletize to spec for major wholesale customer chains; inspection, testing and sample packaging for shipment, all with serial number and lot control.
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Easy Access to Ports of Oakland and San Francisco as well as San Francisco International Airport.

Import/Export Services
Located in Northern California with easy access to Ports and Airports; we offer intermodal services, container services, and a variety of blended warehousing and distribution solutions.

  • Manage expedited transportation
  • Guarantee delivery rates
  • Routine and load planning
  • Track and trace Drage
  • Guarantee delivery rates
  • Manage expedited transportition.
  • Guarantee delivery.
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    Express Freight provides value added fulfillment and pick & pack services for B2B and B2C operations.

    • We provide links to call center support and web site order processing. You are assured inventory accuracy and control, and timely order processing and shipping critical to support an effective sales program.
    • Case picking, small package shipping with UPS and FEDEX, and pallet quantity shipping are available.
    • Everything from pick and pack parcels orders to pallet load TL orders.
    • By providing electronic shipment confirmation files to you with the tracking numbers, you can maintain control of your shipments through final delivery.
    • Kitting, display assembly, labeling, light assembly, shrink wrapping, repacking and packaging are some of the value added services we provide with our fulfillment services.

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